Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I do, however, know which I would rather administer.

Lohan showed up to last Thursday's launch of Jermaine Dupri's new watch line "NuPop" in collaboration with famed jewelry designer Pascal Mouawad at Kitson in West Hollywood, but wanted more than just a nice watch to take home. Although Linds was apparently already being paid to turn up to the gig, we're told Mouawad offered the actress $500 to spend at Kitson, which she successfully bargained up to $1000.

Pop Tarts watched as Lohan (looking her usual worse-for-wear self) went crazy in the store pulling out drawers and insisting she wanted this and that, eventually racking up a hefty $15,000 bill. But when told she had exceeded her limit quite significantly, Lohan responded that "Pascal would take care of it because I'm the only celebrity here."

At this point, I don't know if what Lindsay Lohan needs more is rehab or a spanking.

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