Thursday, January 5, 2012

I run a lot of nude photos of women on this blog (oh, you noticed)...

I don't do paparazzi or "up skirts," however, I run pictures of women who have chosen to present themselves to a camera in the nude whether as models, actresses, or both (like here's Kate Winslet doing both). I imagine at least some of them are considered sometimes "brave" for doing so.

One can certainly argue about whether they should have chosen to, or what the effect(s) will be of their choosing to. But brave? I dunno. Certainly they are free to make the choice, for better and/or for worse without putting themselves in danger; possibly physical danger.

Such cannot be said of a young Egyptian woman who, in an attempt to protest the strong conservative influence in that country, chose to post a nude photograph of herself to her blog.

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, a 20-year old university student from Cairo, has sparked outrage in the Middle East with the controversial full-length image, posted on her blog last week.

It has since received 1.5 million hits and thousands flooded the site with insults.

You know what I like about that? It means that thousands of people went to see a pretty naked woman, but felt bad about they blamed it on the woman.

It's just such a perfect model of the hard right-wing conservative mindset, and of course I'm not just talking about in Egypt.

But anyway, so, I wanted to say a couple things. The first is that, here is a woman who is truly brave for allowing herself to be exposed, naked, before a camera.

Brave in a way that I suspect most Playboy models wouldn't understand (please note my use of the word "most" there, as I'm sure there are many who would).

The second is that I generally like naked, pretty women.

Naked women aren't the only sorts of women that I like, nor is "prettiness" the only part of a woman I admire.

As I'd hope looking at any few days of this blog (or one of my others) would show.

But I do like them, naked, pretty women. And I won't feel bad about it. I mean for one thing, it's a genetic imperative, innit?

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