Thursday, December 29, 2011

What an interesting question...

Somebody found one of my other blogs by Googling

how many a list women have appeared nude in films

They didn't find what they were looking for there but it got me wondering:

Who are we placing on the a list? Well, according to Wikipedia--and when are they wrong?--

The A-list is part of a larger guide called The Hot List that has become an industry-standard guide in Hollywood.

Who knew? There actually is an a list; it's not just a turn of phrase. Which leads us of course to, who's on it, and in turn...have they? Well, here's the list as of last year (this year's isn't out):

10. Penelope Cruz. Honestly a bit of a surprise here. Although she's curvy; sexy and beautiful and all that, she hasn't had any big hit movies in the last few years.

I mean other than the Pirates sequel, which wouldn't have been released when the list was made.

But more importantly...Q: Has she? A: Yes, yes she has, though I don't think I've seen any of the films in which she did.

9. Angelina Jolie. No surprise here, she's pretty much got the body everybody wants (one way or the other). Although, her box office has been up (Salt) and down (The Tourist) lately. But has she?


8. Nicole Kidman.

Sort of like Penelope Cruz, and no I wasn't thinking of the Tom connection when I said that. >But in the sense that yes, she's a good looking woman (and can give a good performance), but...two of her last three films were box office disasters.

But, more to the point, yes she has all right, and to illustrate this point I point you to the butt at right.

7. Scarlett Johanssen. Let's be candid. It's not Scarlett Johansson who's on the a list, it's her 34-C tits.

And thus far, she's chosen not to expose them to a moving picture camera. Although there were of course those naked pictures that "leaked" much to her "shock."

6. Meryl Streep. All I can say about this one is, all right for the older ladies. And as far as I she know, she hasn't.

5. Keira Knightley. I think it could be argued that, if you go strictly by the bone structure of the face, Knightley is the most good-looking woman in the world.

Size of breasts and overall curviness of figure brings my general desire to see her undressed down a bit (I feel I should point out, that's a statement of personal preference, not a general comment).

But, what a great face. Oh, and yes.

4. Cameron Diaz. I think I'm on the record as not understanding why Cameron Diaz is a big star. But, people do seem to like to go to her movies, so whadaI know. And you ask: Has she? And the answer is...not really.

She doesn't seem to like wearing many clothes in her movies, but she still insists on wearing some.

3. Kate Winslet. Let me see here, Winslet, Winslet...has Kate Winslet appeared nude in any films?

--I'm kidding of course, she is a role model for actresses in how you can "get your kit off," as they say in the UK, and still have a more-than-respectable career. Also a role model in giving a nice "up yours" to anyone who has ever thought she was "too big" at any time. Ever.

2. Julia Roberts.

Like Diaz, exactly why she is such a big star as she is escapes me (though oddly, I liked the film in which they appeared together). But her films do keep scoring at the box office (with the recent exception of Larry Crowne).

Also like Diaz, no, she really hasn't.

1. Reese Witherspoon. Sometimes I find Witherspoon very sexy. Other times, though, she looks like a monster to me (it's the chin). Maybe that's why the recent film I most liked of hers was Monsters Vs. Aliens.

Monsters didn't do as well at the box office as I would've liked; on the other hand How Do You Know bombed like it deserved to bomb. Water For Elephants (which I haven't seen) seems to have done all right, though. Oh, and as you see above, yes she has, or rather yes she did.

Instead of the likes of Kidman and Winslet, Witherspoon seems to be following in the footsteps of Jamie Lee Curtis and Uma Thurman. The first two started their careers doing nudity and have basically never stopped.

Curtis, Thurman and now Witherspoon, however, on the way up, would do nudity. But once they started getting critical acclaim and box-office success (in whatever order), they've kept dearly buttoned up.

And again, that's an observation, not a judgement.

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