Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Apparently, there's some talk that "Pan Am" has been cancelled

I haven't really felt like trying any of the new TV shows this season, but I did decide to finally DVR and watch an episode of Pan Am that aired this Sunday. If the cancellation rumors are true...it wasn't hard to see why.

Most of the cast I haven't seen in anything else, so I don't know if they've been better in other things. But the one whose work I am familiar with and so know can do good work, Christina Ricci, isn't being supported by good enough writing here.


One further observation (and speaking of support): Women's undergarments were less attractive in the '60s. What I mean is that it takes a lot for me not to find Ricci hot in her skivvies, especially when she's at a healthy weight...but those girdles did the trick.

I was born at least a decade after those fell from fashion, and the show still made me feel I should apologize to every woman I know that they were once considered essential.

And if you've noticed that I've spent almost as much space here discussing the show's fashion as I have the acting and writing...well, that's kind of my point.

You've come a long, long way baby.

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