Friday, June 15, 2012

Yes, she's right.

WCT: Can you talk a bit about your movie Take This Waltz? Was it hard to convince you to go naked in the film?
Sarah Silverman: No. I was so honored that Sarah Polley wanted me for this part and so excited to get to work with her. She called me after I signed on to ask if I was going to be comfortable with this and that it was very important to her. I figured who am I to blow the chance to do something real? I trusted her completely. And, look: In the end it's not a big deal. It's just a body, exactly what you'd expect.
She's right. That's actually one of the things that's so good about the scene in question.
It's not about Silverman or the other women in the scene being hot chicks (which some of them are), it's just about them being women with women's bodies.
I mean personally, I think Silverman looks a lot more exciting in this picture...

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