Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gwen Hajek is another one of those women I'll probably spend the rest of my life wondering what has happened to since the '80s.

She joins in this her sister playmate Kimberly Evenson, you may recall.


Dale Ealey said...

Gwen Hajek is still living in Louisiana and now ignores her Playmate past. She's since gotten religion and has a block on her facebook page so she doesn't get any Playboy fan scum to follow her. I'm sure she chalks up her modeling days to "misspent youth". She's still very pretty.

Anonymous said...

I worked with Gwen. She is a very sweet , kind, and respectful lady. I didn't know about her posing till shortly before I left the company. Doesn't change how I feel about her. And yes she is still very beautiful.