Thursday, February 23, 2012

Okay...WTF is going on with Jennifer Love Hewitt's face?

All right, as you longtime members of my vast reading audience know: I've often observed that you can gauge the state of Jennifer Love Hewitt's employment, or lack thereof, by the amount of her breasts being shown in public.

However, I'm chagrined at the pictures of Hewitt that began appearing today from the set of her new TV series.

Other--cough cough--"aesthetically" inclined blogs have continued to focused on her cleavage.

But I occasionally glance above her neck; in fact have found her even in clothing which totally hides her breasts and/or no make-up (as at right; below), to be at the very least pretty, sometimes still even looking like one of worlds most beautiful women.

Well, I ask you: If I hadn't just prepped you with all this talk about Love Hewitt, would you have known that the perfectly desirable but kinda blank-faced young woman in red above was her?

Fortunately, there are other recent photos which suggest this was just something about these pictures, maybe the make-up, lighting, angles or some combination of any and/or all thereof.

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