Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Following up on this morning's news about Lindsay Lohan, the Screen Junkies site has put together a list...

... "7 Actresses Who Waited Too Long For Playboy," in their opinion.

I fault their premise. Does Charisma Carpenter look like she waited too long to you?

Okay, with Lisa Rinna, they may have a point.

But most of the women they chose only "waited too long" if you consider that only teenage girls should take their clothes off for a camera--which is just creepy.

Or that the only reason to pose for Playboy would to be in hopes of propelling your career.

I'm not naive--I know that's a reason many women do, including probably most on this list.

But whether it "brought her up to the big leagues," or not--and she's making a good living last time I checked--what about the picture of Teri Polo at right above says "failure?"

And in the case of Denise Richards, I'll fault her for a lot of things, but not for making use of her most desirable asset.

(Oh, lay off. That's over a thousand posts I went without pulling the "assets-ass" joke)

I'd argue that there's also something to be said for having pictures of yourself looking good in the nude, and most of these women looked dazzling.

(See Kristy Swanson, left)

Whether her career's gone where she wanted it to go or not, Alison Eastwood is a beautiful lady. So are all of these women. Even if some of them were in their (gasp) mid-thirties. And I'll finish illustrating my point, with Tia Carrere:

"non-nude?" Oh, darn. Now we'll NEVER know what she looks like without clothes.

Is Lindsay Lohan baring all for a Playboy spread that will land her close to $1 million? ... E! says it will be a "non-nude" shoot.

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Good girl gone bad, or vice-versa?

Seduction Stock 05 by ~ELISE-stock on deviantART

365:279 Vulnerable

365:279 Vulnerable by seq
365:279 Vulnerable, a photo by seq on Flickr.

At night
I am lying awake
Through the hours trying
To calculate
Am I good enough?
Could I contrive?
To keep this sham around
Will I survive?

nude scene

nude scene by derpunk
nude scene, a photo by derpunk on Flickr.

As a rule, I don't like the "hair piled on top of your head" look

But for Laetitia Casta I'll make an exception.

Bettie Page

Two Questions

Is it me, or do the stockings ruin this look?



I wonder how exactly one joins that corp.

Deep Blue

Deep Blue by zenonline
Deep Blue, a photo by zenonline on Flickr.

If mother nature ever chose a name
I'm sure that she would choose the same
I'll never hide my thoughts from you
You're my deepest blue

Am I dreamin' now, walkin' on the moon
And I don't know how to reach you, baby
Every time I try to move closer...

Naked Girl Poster, The Pearl District

A Muse in the Forest

A Muse in the Forest by Stuck in Customs
A Muse in the Forest, a photo by Stuck in Customs on Flickr.

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markota by m.markota
markota, a photo by m.markota on Flickr.

Of Jennifer, January and Jolie

According to this, the following are (some of) the celebs who women in Hollywood most asked their plastic surgeons to make them look like this year. Complete with the desired body part.

(You can see other examples at that link, and there's a list for men too)

I know, I know, at least sort of creepy, right? Well let's see if we can kill some time with this nevertheless...

(Come on Barbie, let's go party)

Hair: Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston by Modern Girl Style
Jennifer Aniston, a photo by Modern Girl Style on Flickr.

Hey, have any of your dos inspired an entire line of cuts?

Eyes: Anne Hathaway.

If you think I'm going to argue with this...you must be new to my blog(s).

Cheeks: January Jones. And no, they're not the cheeks you're thinking of.


Nose: Nicole Kidman.


I think I'd go for the legs. But then, I like a slightly more prominent nose. Like Britney Spears:

-- Before she had it done (ironically enough in this context).

Lips: Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie by Paul's flying high, defying gravity
Angelina Jolie, a photo by Paul's flying high, defying gravity on Flickr.

I suppose so, but I think I'd just go for the whole body. In for a penny, in for a pound, I always say.

Actually I think this is another one where I'd choose someone else before she did god-knows-what to themselves. In this case, Courtney Love...


Jawline/Chin: Keira Knightley.

Yeah, I think I'll go along with that.

Body: Jennifer Aniston.

I need Jennifer Aniston's body, baby, from dusk till dawn.

Skin: Katy Perry. Photobucket

And I'd like credit here that when looking for a picture of Perry that emphasized her skin, I didn't go for that which she has filling up two 32D cups.