Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Following up on this morning's news about Lindsay Lohan, the Screen Junkies site has put together a list...

... "7 Actresses Who Waited Too Long For Playboy," in their opinion.

I fault their premise. Does Charisma Carpenter look like she waited too long to you?

Okay, with Lisa Rinna, they may have a point.

But most of the women they chose only "waited too long" if you consider that only teenage girls should take their clothes off for a camera--which is just creepy.

Or that the only reason to pose for Playboy would to be in hopes of propelling your career.

I'm not naive--I know that's a reason many women do, including probably most on this list.

But whether it "brought her up to the big leagues," or not--and she's making a good living last time I checked--what about the picture of Teri Polo at right above says "failure?"

And in the case of Denise Richards, I'll fault her for a lot of things, but not for making use of her most desirable asset.

(Oh, lay off. That's over a thousand posts I went without pulling the "assets-ass" joke)

I'd argue that there's also something to be said for having pictures of yourself looking good in the nude, and most of these women looked dazzling.

(See Kristy Swanson, left)

Whether her career's gone where she wanted it to go or not, Alison Eastwood is a beautiful lady. So are all of these women. Even if some of them were in their (gasp) mid-thirties. And I'll finish illustrating my point, with Tia Carrere:

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