Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yesterday purple, today green

I do so like it when a little theme emerges on these blogs. Like yesterday, I did a couple of entries about older women. Well, today's theme seems to be:

Women I Persist In Admiring (Possibly For Barely Repressed Reasons), Oh And Who Happen To Have The Word Love In Their Name, Too.

We've already dealt with Courtney showing her Love for me by flashing her tits at a concert in Brazil. Next up is Jennifer Hewitt, who clearly wished to show her Love to me.


Presumably because I understand the way in which she works-which is to say, when she's not (working)...well, that's when she works the breasts.

How do I know this was a special signal to me? Look again at the color of dress Ms. Hewitt is wearing.


It is well known that whenever women wear green, it's always about me.

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