Monday, November 14, 2011

Okay, this one worries me

I have two problems. The first is that one of my blogs is turning up as a result for the Google search words "preteen lolita sex girl." Now: The post this search turns up is this one, which doesn't even use all those words and the ones that it does, not in a row or in that arrangement.

That post is also perfectly respectful towards women (of any age) I think, you be the judge. But clearly, I need to start leaning over to the other side. As it happens the H-Post ran a list today of what one writer considers to be "6 Of The World's Most Beautiful Older Women."

But my second problem is that I don't agree with much if any of their list.


Five Of The World's Most Beautiful Older Women (that I can agree with):

(As usual with me and these kinds of lists, the order is pretty random)

1. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I was, to put it mildly, dissatisfied with Ms. Clinton during the '08 election.

But she's impressed me with her willingness to put ego and/or hurt feelings from the campaign aside and serve her country at president Obama's request.

And I think that if I were a young woman, Rodham Clinton would be a role model to me of how a woman stands up under obsessive scrutiny.

2. Farrah Fawcett. Don't worry--this isn't going to be necrophiliac. I'm including her because Fawcett, who was born in 1947 and died in 2009, is a woman who to me became more beautiful as she got older.

The version of her at the height of her fame in the mid-'70s never really did much for me.

Not just then, when it makes sense that it wouldn't--I was, like, five.

But looking back as an adult, there are women from that time who look a lot better to me now than they possibly could've then, but Fawcett is not one of them (Kristine DeBell, on the other hand, who incidentally still looks pretty good herself)...


I found the older model Fawcett a lot more lust-worthy. Like say, when she posed for Playboy at age 50...

3. Kim Cattrall.

Unlike Fawcett, Cattrall hasn't gotten sexier as she's gotten older. She was sexy in her teens and she's sexy in her 50s. Much the same goes for...

4. Ursula Andress, who stayed sexy well into her 40s.

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