Friday, March 12, 2010


Oh yeah...I started this on Oscar night, but with one thing and another hadn't finished it before.

And now for the really important Oscar question: Who did I think looked good?

Answers below.

Cameron Diaz was well-dressed, but I would like to know WTF happened to her face...

Miley Cyrus seems to be racing towards her adulthood without looking back.

Ladies, let Tina Fey be a lesson:

You always got to think about what the dress is going to look like in daylight.

Sarah Jessica Parker may have been the worst-looking woman there. The dress is shapeless, and where was her hair gay to stop her?

One of these days, I've really got to see Kristen Stewart act in something (that something will almost certainly be The Yellow Handkerchief and/or Runaways. I just don't know which I'll see first, and in what format)

Heh. Elizabeth Banks has a round butt...Photobucket

As ever, I remain of a divided mind on the subject of Demi Moore.

On the one hand, I wish she'd just own up to the increasingly apparent truth that she's had some work done.

On the other hand, if I were rich and wanted to have some work done, I would definitely go to her guy.

I actually thought Jennifer Lopez was one of the first really great-looking women we saw that night.

Do you ever get the feeling that Julianne Moore doesn't know how sexy some of us think she is?

I had the opportunity early this week to ask the great-looking; talented Amber Benson-

Amber Benson
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-a few questions in a chat to promote her new book.

One question I asked was who inspired her as an actress.

You can imagine how perfect I found this part of her answer:

Kate Winslet for being a tremendous actor and for looking like a curvy and luscious WOMAN.

I totally have a crush on Maggie Gyllenhaal. Sometimes Rachel McAdams is pretty hot, too---and yeah, the Oscars were one of those times.

As we know, it was Sandra Bullock's night...being as Megan Fox (inexplicably) wasn't even nominated

For Carey Mulligan and Zoe Saldana, I am without words. They're just too lovely.

And finally, one more woman who wasn't there that I really kinda wish had been...

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