Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The ABC's of T and A

A is, or course, for Anne, whom there's no one finer than.

 B is for Banks, for whom I must give thanks.

C is for Cruz, and the lucky who she screws.

D is for Denise, and for her golden fleece.
E is for Emma, whose hair should be henna.


And F is for Faris, who should be plaster, in Paris
G is for Green, her body is supreme.
H is for Hayek, of lust so archaic.

I is for rIhanna, eating a banana.

J is for Jennifer, a 13-year-old's elater.

K is for Kelly...and ideas with petroleum jelly .

L is for Laura, the one I adore-a.

M is for Mary...I'd stay with her on a skerry.

N is for KristeN...um...something about a pistoN.

O is for Olivia.  We hope (one day) she'll play Godiva.

P is for Perry, whose modesty's scary.

Q is for BouQet, those probably aren't her legs, but hey!

R is for Rosario, in an erotic scenario.

S is for Scarlett, whose bod should be starlit

T is for Theron, the hottest of sirens.

U is for Upton, a nun with some gumption!

V is for Veragara, she's like a damn Ferrari.

And W is for Williams, a Venus among millions.

And X is for seXual wizardry, as exemplified here by Kimberly.
Y is for AubreY, who is, unfortunately, not tawdry.

 Z is for Zeta-Jones, who I admit, I'd like to bone. Now you know my ABCs, next time, won't you...sing...with me?

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