Sunday, February 28, 2010

You have got to be kidding me...

Showgirls 2.

There's a link there to an alleged "NSFW" trailer, which I recommend watching only if you require proof that naked women can fail to be entertaining.

Friday, February 26, 2010

This is a good idea

Some bright spark or sparks at a UK lingerie company had a notion.

They'd use a new campaign to promote not only their brand, but the idea that women need not be impossibly thin.

Where did they find these women?

From their customer base.

Bravissimo contacted 600 customers, holding castings before narrowing their choice down to five.

Shot in a series of kitch poses sporting the brand's underwear, the attractive women had no previous modelling experience.

Anna Prince, Bravissimo spokesperson said: 'The Bravissimo campaign promotes healthy body image by showing that real women can look fantastic too."

A name I think I'm going to want to remember

"Michelle Buswell."

Sometimes I wonder how many hours I spent between the age of 12 and 16 watching this movie

Imagine if I'd known that 25 years later this young lady would be appearing in a certain horror series I hold inexplicably close to my heart.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Been a while since I featured some art

Hasn't it? I mean, what they call "fine" art...

This piece is called "Nudity," for obvious reasons. It comes from this page but I couldn't find a credit or a link off it.

This one is called "nudité dans la fenêtre," it's a digitized photo rather than a drawing or painting, and it's the work of David Andre.

Not sure of a title or credit for this one, but it came from this page.

une nudité de la jeon-draft

I wonder why more women don't take out a copyright

Kelly Osbourne cleans up pretty good

Don'tcha think?

You dirty girl...

Anne Hathaway Takes Underwear From Film Sets

"I have a bra from Brokeback Mountain and now I have the White Queen's knickers (from Alice In Wonderland). They're white and frilly and I wore them the other day actually."

My heart!

I'm sorry, some things just call for a spit-take

Happened across a piece called "15 Things You Should Know About Breasts."

It's illustrated, but don't get too excited, it's not done in a prurient way.

I mean, that would be wrong...

But here's (9, below) where, had I been drinking something at the time I saw it, I would've ended up with it all over my keyboard. As I coughed and tried to pound myself on the back, no doubt.

Polyester! Glass balls? Ground rubber?

The Helena Bonham-Carter says...

"Hello, boys!"

I'm sold!

Heather Graham is the public option in...

"Conservatives meet the PO."

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sparked by looking at a SI Swimsuit issue timeline...

(Here's the timeline)

Oh look! Some recent examples.


A late tribute

You might've heard that a fashion designer named McQueen comitted suicide a few days ago. I haven't had anything to say about it because I don't really follow fashion except to say "Wow! X looks good in that..."

However, I learned from reading EW today that he was the man who put The Angel Kate into this dress for the 1998 Academy Awards...

(just as an aside: When is Kate going to be a Bond girl?)

I also learned Googling to write this post that Winslet liked his designs so much she wore one when she married for the first time. That's worthy of my respect.

Finally, something important

EW has a slideshow of celeb underwear ads, with grades for each. Both men and women are incuded, but I think you know which I'm going to feature here...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

You'd be smiling, too

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has been named the highest paid female star in Hollywood.

This means she makes more than Sarah Jessica Parker,Photobucket

Cameron Diaz, Photobucket

(BTW, Cameron Diaz's calves scare me in that picture)

or Angelina Jolie.

Let the jealousy begin.

Random picture of Eva Amurri




(That sound you just heard was me passing out)

Recommendation of a dude who loves strong women (me)

Read this:

When It Comes to Movies, What Do Women Want?
by Monika Bartyzel


...most films give us fantasy and cliched reality. Friendships only exist as ways to discuss romantic issues and have terrible emotional fights. Women only work in a small variety of fields and want a small slice of things from life. Trust is a false construct. The Bechdel Rule is crazy talk. get the hint. The bits of a film that embrace reality only pull from a small section of the female experience.

It's so simple, but so powerful, especially when so many cliches and habits are wholly unnecessary and easy to give up: Leslie Mann's obsessive, irrational snooping in Knocked Up, Natalie Keener having a shrieky freak-out in public in Up in the Air, or Uhura stripping for Star Trek.
Simply taking out the obligatory strip or shower scene, the long freak outs, and desperate grabs for lust or laughs would leave time to follow the Bechdel Rule, and would make the characters all the more relatable, stronger, and engaging without losing anything in the stories. The same applies to rom-coms -- the more lazy cliches you take out, and fill with the littlest bit of humanity, will make a world of difference.

Well sure, I'm happy, but at the same time...

...I feel a little guilty. Why? Because Greek's being renewed for a fourth season means I get another season of completely inappropriate crushing on Dilshad Vadsaria.

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She's the left of the three lovely ladies at right, and the only one below.