Friday, December 10, 2010

Well now this just depresses me

You guys know Sarah Shahi, right? Star of the criminally underpromoted (and uncoincidentally now cancelled) TV series Life from a couple of years ago?

Yeah, her. We haven't seen too much of her since then. This was not hard to understand, really--she became pregnant during the show's second and final season, so one assumes she's been looking after the baby.

Nice. Apparently, though, she recently decided that she wanted to get our attention once more, so she "Twitted" a picture of herself dressing for an evening out.

Now, I'd be the last one not to comment on Shahi's desirability, tastiness, or beauty (pick your favorite)

Certainly this blog has no problem with pictures of such women (they're why it exists!).

I guess I just wish it were attached to another project like Life--though it's unlikely there will ever be another project like Life--in which she got to show that she's got more to offer than tasty beauty, etc.

This just seems so cheap.

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