Saturday, May 12, 2012

Best guesses to why, women wear see-through dresses

(All these, BTW, come courtesy of VH1's 40 Most Scandalously See-Through Outfits In Red-Carpet History.)

 1. Because you're Gina Gershon, and everybody's already seen them anyway.

2. Because you're Hilary Swank, and you want to remind people that although you've played some pretty butch roles in the past, you do indeed have a sexy set of curves that are all female.

3. Because you're Serena Williams, and you're standing next to James Bond for god's sake.

4. Because you're Liz Hurley, and if you've got it, flaunt it. Or 'em.

5. Because you're Anne Hathaway, and you thoughtfully want to distract from Jack Black's face.

6. Because you're Lindsay Lohan, and you know your window for finding a sugar daddy is closing.

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