Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pat the Bunny

Kate Beckinsale may not be the greatest*, most beautiful** actress in the world, but she does have a certain something...


*That would be Kate Winslet or Holly Hunter.

**That would be Anne Hathaway.

Natalie Portman's naked ass

Partly just because I know it annoys her such pictures are on the internet.

And partly because it's Natalie Portman's naked ass, for pity's sake...

Lisa Edelstein: Sexiest woman on television

Also, whom I'd most like to be caught in the rain with.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

Anne Hathaway is more adorable than life itself

Um...this is not making your case

Happy Birthday Heather Graham! The actress turned 40 on Friday. She shares the January 29th birthday with Oprah (56).

Graham is just one of many 40-year-old women who look better than ever, including Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston.

Y'know, I'd like to go along with you on that, the problem is, in the pictures you chose, the younger Heather looks curvy and tasty, and the older looks like some big-headed extra-terrestrial freak.

I'm just saying.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Your attention, please: This is your...

...quarterly reminder of Greek, the girliest show I watch (because it's a lot smarter than you'd expect from thes ubject matter). It's returning for its third season tonight.

Here's a preview. BTW, the girl in the green top is my "dream girlfriend." She is so sending me a signal.

Anna Friel's got that girl thing covered.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Power legs.

(That can't be good for your back...)


"Oh! Mr. Johnson, you seem to have dropped your pencils and papers..."

I don't watch her show, so I have no idea

...if she's any good or not, but Eva Longoria is very pretty eye candy.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Choice 2"

Okay, now, I know I've run this picture

More than once, more than twice. But in my defense:

1. Whadaya want from me? I'm heterosexual. And,

2. Hey, at least it's the first time on this blog...

The fountain of life


This is a picture I found on one of my semi-random image searches. The artist, best as I can tell, is a young French girl.

Come inside Tara Reid's Mind

"Well, I've snorted my brains out, my career is dead, and thanks to that half-assed Playboy pictorial, now know that absolutely nobody else wants to see me naked anymore. Yeah, might as well get married."

If I didn't know better...

I must be up too late

I actually find this picture of Nicole Richie and baby kind of...

...what's the opposite of disgusting, which is what I usually feel when I see Nicole Richie?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

emily procter is smoking hot.

My favorite color doesn't know Jennifer Emerson, but it loves her

(Actually, a little Googling told MFC she's a Penthouse cover girl and was Pet of the Month for March 2006. Not for a minute does this cause MFC to reconsider.)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Re-writing a wrong

Okay--for the sake of my own piece of mind, I have constructed a narrative. It goes like this.

Heidi Montag realized in a blinding flash of clarity that, being as she hasn't any talent, the path she was on would lead sooner or later to-literally-whoring herself out to horny bloggers.

She thought about killing herself--and who wouldn't?--but thankfully (from a strictly human POV, anyway), her life was saved. Tired of the bad taste in her mouth from sucking on the bottom rung of the celebrity ladder, she has escaped.

She is now living in an undisclosed location somewhere between Australia and Canada and, by all reports, is much more comfortable and at her ease with her life.

However, certain business obligations required that a Heidi Montag be available for magazines, television, and other industry appearances.

So they put about the story that Montag had become addicted to plastic surgery before she vanished (and Godspeed, Heidi!).

Meanwhile, an android was built and assembled.

This is the narrative that I have constructed.

I had to.

Because, the alternative...

Monday, January 18, 2010


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Est n'importe quand un temps agréable pour des filles et Emmanuelle Beart de calendrier nu

Un collage du calendrier de Pirelli

Sexy and 63

beautiful gowns (and the women who wear them)

"C' want a piece a' me? C'mon!"

Make up your own joke here:

At last night's Golden Globes, Halle Berry gave out the award for "Best Supporting actor..."

"Mirror, mrror, on the wall, who's the most elegant one of all?"

GE should hire Christina Hendricks as a corporate spokewoman--talk about bringing good things to life...

And Sigourney Weaver should do a workout video for middle-aged women.

ETA: Two I didn't see because I don't watch the arrivals.

The beautiful and talented Julie Benz, glad she decided not merely to let a smile be her umbrella.

Whoa. How'd I miss Julianne Moore in this sexy little off-the-shoulder affair?

A self-evident statement:

I would really like to see Emma Watson naked.


I mean really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really...

fairuza balk

fairuza balk
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Fantastic eyes (well, eye, really)

Great headlines in journalism

"Vikki Blows Nude"

Sunday, January 17, 2010


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Well, that's news to me, anybody else surprised?

The Ultimate Sex Quiz
You are a Virgin
You are a Virgin
You're nice, clean and pure. Good jobSex-Intimacy Quizzes

Friday, January 15, 2010

The horror...the horror...

Ok. First, take a look at this image of Daryl Hannah circa 1982. Now, steady your stomach, and take a look at what she looks like post-lift.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My little girl, pink and white, as peaches and cream is she

Via Pink is the New Blog:

Courtney Love got new tattoos and Twittered them. As I would like to myself.

Best-dressed of last year's Golden Globes

In breathless anticipation of the Golden Globes this weekend, E! Online is running one of those polls where one female celeb "fights" another for best-dressed status, then the winners of those fight each other until only one is left.

In this case, the contestants are all being judged on how they looked at last year's Golden Globes.

As you'll see, I allowed other factors to influence me as well, but they're not all what you may be thinking of. And some of these are illustrated with pictures from other sources, just 'cos I'm like that.

Round One:

I knew this was going to be tough when I saw that the first choice is between Anne Hathaway and Kate Winslet, two of the best-looking women in the world.

In the poll I went with Anne, but only because I thought that in those particular dresses, she looked a little better than Kate.

(No offense, my darling!

Kate's had a longer career to show what a great actress she is, but our Annie's gaining on her.)

Blake Lively vs. January Jones was a little easier.

Both seem to have very nice, curvy bodies (and I appreciate a plunging neckline as much as the next hetero man), but Jones was on Huff. Tie-Breaker!

For Angelina Jolie vs. Penelope Cruz I had to go with Angelina. Not that Cruz isn't a beautiful woman in her own right...Photobucket

...but come on.

Katy Perry vs. Beyonce was another easy one. Both are curvy (in Katy's case, especially so for a white girl) Photobucket ...but Perry has absolutely no fashion sense whatsoever.

(Seriously. Like, I don't know if she need corrective lenses, but it sure looks like her vision is blurred when she picks out clothes. Actually I'm not sure if she has no fashion sense, or just the worst. Speaking of which...)

Taylor, honey? No. Just no, sweetie.

This brings me to Taylor Swift vs. Miley Cyrus. Well, I don't really care to listen to either of them sing. And in one of their cases, if I judge how they're dressed the way I judge some of these others it'd be pervy.

That said, of these particular outfits, I had to go with Miley.

Eva Longoria Parker vs. Drew Barrymore. Hoo boy. This was actually the toughest one yet. They both have great, curvy bodies and both looked at least as good in these dresses as I imagine--or in Barrymore's case, know--they do out of them.

But I went with Drew. Not because I've actually seen her naked body-
but simply because I like more of her body of work that I have seen.

Megan Fox vs. Carrie Underwood. Again, both beautiful, both good bodies, but as with Angelina vs. Penelope, when you get right down to it, it's not even a contest.

Amy Adams vs. Natalie Portman. Another tricky one. I went with Adams because I think Portman probably looks better nude (better than she herself does in clothes, I mean).

And because I've long thought Portman was a particularly silly person.

This brings us to Round Two.

Anne vs. January. What do you think? Put another way: The difference is black, and white.

BTW: Let the record show that I have made it this deep into this entry without making the obligatory "globes = boobs" joke.

--oh darn, there it is.

Angelina vs. Beyonce. No offense, Angelina, but Beyonce has what I think is known in the vernacular as back.

Miley vs. Drew. I confess, I voted for the one it would be legal for me to fuck if I could (and/or wanted to).

Also, you gotta love that hair. Photobucket


Megan vs. Amy. Toughest of the second round. Went with Amy, because she has more to offer than just being beautiful from head-to-toe.


Anne vs. Beyonce. Oh boy. I hate myself. If this were talent I was judging, it'd be Anne (not that Beyonce isn't talented, I just think Anne is more so).

But since I'm supposed to be taking my cues from how they looked in the gowns that they wore to previous years' Globes...I'm giving it to Beyonce.

(Forgive me, Princess Penelope!)

Drew vs. Amy. This one was easier. Sorry Amy, but you made it this far...


Beyonce vs. Drew. As with the Megan/Amy fight above, I went with the one I feel has the most to offer besides sex appeal. Again, both do have more to offer, but one has more more, if you see what I mean, and in this case, it's Drew.

So apparently, from these choices, I think that Drew Barrymore, Beyonce and Anne Hathaway were the best-dressed women at the Globes last year, in that order.

Popular vote agreed with me on Beyonce at the time of votingt, but thinks Amy Adams and Eva Longoria Parker should fill the first and third spots, respectively.